Document control UX Research Synthesis - Accessible XR Interfaces
Research Type User Survey Synthesis
Version v1.0
Date (last revision) 12/16/2022
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UX Interviews

Three participants filled out a survey containing a mix of open and close ended questions regarding closed captioning in different media and environments, along with built prototypes


Actionable Recommendations

  1. Closed Captioning, Audiograms and Haptics are suitable methods for conveying audio
  2. Useful Information is required in closed captions
  3. Captions in VR are often not readable due to motion sickness and contrast

Research Insights

  1. There exists a necessity and some solutions for closed captioning in immersive environments
  2. Focus on contrast and general visibility
  3. Always include options to cater to multiple disabilities
  4. Onboarding is a good method to convey your own version of the representation of audio
  5. Less Motion is an important factor in usability

Research objectives

Final recommendations